Think on these things – Devotional – HONORABLE

Whatsoever things are HONORABLE The word translated honorable or honest in most translations, is SEMNOS in Greek. It is pronounced sem-NOSS. Strong's G4586 lists the biblical usage of SEMNOS as meaning venerable, honorable, serious, grave, dignified. The contemporary definition of honorable: definition: bringing or worthy of honor.synonyms: morally correct · honest · moral · ethical · principled... Continue Reading →

Think on these things – Devotional – TRUE

Whatsoever things are TRUE The word translated as true here is the Greek word ALETHES (pronounced a LAY thace). Strong's Concordance lists the biblical usage of the word G227 means true, loving the truth, speaking the truth, and truthful. Our contemporary definition and synonyms of true are: definition: loyal or faithful.synonyms: loyal · faithful ·... Continue Reading →

Read the Bible Challenge

Before the turn of the new year of 2014, the radio station I was listening to during the Christmas season had a segment about a mayor of a small town in Texas who declared 2014 the year of the Bible and challenged the citizens to read the Bible every day during the year. He got... Continue Reading →

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