Your Thoughts on Scripture

As we have been working on this blog, I noticed that many of the Verses of the Week (VOWs) and other posts seem to be about our thoughts – your thoughts, my thoughts.

It was not planned that way, but the battle is for the mind. If the enemy can get us to think wrongly, he can get us to act wrongly and that usually leads to sin.

Don’t think that I have my thought life under control. I don’t. I am a work in progress like everyone else.

I am going to date myself, but I remember the anti-drug commercial Your Brain On Drugs. The guy in the commercial shows us an egg and says – this is your brain. Then he puts the egg into a frying pan and says – this is your brain on drugs. That’s it. You do drugs, your brain will be fried.

From the picture above I am likening our thoughts to the dandelion puff. It is unstable, if bumped or blown on, the little tufts will drift all over the place. They just wander on the currents of air. Kind of like our thoughts. If we let them, they will wander down the strangest of paths. Making up scenarios that are not remotely based in truth.

But the dandelion can grow anywhere. Kind of like a well-watered-with-the-Word mind. The old “bloom were you are planted” adage seems to fit here.

If we feed our mind, our thoughts, with the Word of God, it will grow into the kind of thought machine that our Heavenly Father wants it to. Our faith will be strengthened. When we are tempted to think wrongly, we will have the ammunition to avert that temptation and make a thought course correction.

Rather than saying “I can’t do that,” “I won’t amount to anything,” “I’ve sinned again, I might as well just give up.” We can instead use the scripture we have hidden in our heart and say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” “Get behind me Satan,” “Forgive me.”

So I challenge you to start filling your mind and heart with the Word of the Living God so that when you get bumped, jostled, and blown down, you will spill out the Word of God and the Fruit of the Spirit, and keep going.

Your Turn

What are some of the favorite verses you have loaded into your heart and mind for those occasions when you need to quench the fiery darts of Satan?

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Feature Images by nicolasstpierre8Pezibear from Pixabay

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