The Sun is Always Shining

It was a dark and stormy night…

I always wanted to start a post like that. Actually it was a dark and stormy day in my story.

Many years ago, decades actually, I went on vacation to see my sister – the one I share this blog with. The day of my flight was dark and stormy. My parents took me to the airport and waited with me at the gate till my flight boarded. Yes, back in the olden days, family and friends were permitted to accompany passengers to the waiting area at the gate.

With all the bad weather, I was afraid that the flight would be cancelled – but eventually they gave the boarding call, I hugged and kissed my parents and walked down the jetway. The pilot taxied down the runway and lifted into the gray, rainy sky, me praying the entire way for a safe takeoff. Once we were airborne, we kept climbing and climbing and suddenly we broke through those dark clouds and were in another world.

To my surprise and delight, the sun was shining, brightly! No clouds, just bright blue sky. All the storms, darkness, and thunder were below us. We were in another realm. Seeing things from God’s perspective in a way.

That got me to thinking, when things are going badly in our lives, the Son is always shining. He is always there, watching, listening, ready to help in a time of trouble. For our part, we need to not get caught up in the surroundings, the way things appear. Our Heavenly Father knows the end from the beginning, and if we let Him and His Word, He will light and guide our path.

Facsimiles of the view from my windows that day decades ago.

It’s all a matter of perspective – in the natural world and the spiritual. When things look gloomy in your life, remember your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you and His Son is always shining.

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Feature Image by andreusK, photo of car by VukasS, photo at airport by galaxyindia, photo of view from plane by alexisI via Canva Pro.

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    1. Thanks Kathy. Like I say in the postscript to several of my postings, I am writing to myself most of the time. Since I tend to focus the circumstances, I think that is why our Heavenly Father reminded me of this incident. Glad it you got something out of it too.

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