On Giving Thanks

Since Thanksgiving occurs this week in the USA, I thought it appropriate to look at what the Word of God says on the subject of thankfulness and thanksgiving. According to Leviticus 22:19, sacrifices of thanksgiving are to be brought to Yehovah of our own free will. Let’s make this week about bringing thankfulness to our... Continue Reading →

Getting What You Give

In my recent post What's Communication Got to Do With It? I introduced the Hebrew idiom Good Eye/Evil Eye - meaning if you are generous you have a good eye or if you are stingy you have an evil or bad eye. The idiom has nothing to do with eyesight or eye health. In this... Continue Reading →

The Simmer of Our Discontent

An Exercise in the Art of Lament The title of this post is drawn from a line by William Shakespeare— "The winter of our discontent." I used the word "simmer" to point out that for many of us, there can be a constant feeling of discontent that quietly simmers in the background, hardly noticed, but... Continue Reading →

Rising to the top

The cream rises to the top. You have no doubt heard this saying. There is truth in it. The implication behind it is, of course, that the best part will rise to the very top of what it was submerged in. Conversely— The scum also rises. Yeah. Not pretty. But true. What rises to the... Continue Reading →

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