Our Rules

Everyone has rules to live by, even the Almighty. So yes, we have a few rules regarding commenting on and using the On Scripture site. We have read enough comments on Facebook, YouTube, other Blogs to know that sometimes people aren’t always on their best behavior in the comment section. It’s sad, but true. So in light of that, behold The Rules…

The Rules

Be Kind: We were always told by our mothers, if you don’t have anything kind to say, don’t say it. Same philosophy here. You can disagree with us or someone who has commented, but do it in a way that edifies and builds up. We shouldn’t have to say it, but don’t be rude, catty, judgmental, sarcastic, snarky, etc. You’ve read comments from that person, don’t be that person.

Be Prayerful: If you do disagree with a post or a comment, pray for wisdom and guidance before you post a knee-jerk reaction. We are all here to grow in our walk. See be kind above.

Our Requests

Participate: If you do like a post or someone’s comment, give it the thumbs up or make a positive comment yourself. Share with others what the post means to you.

Share: If you think a post or two might be helpful to someone, share the link with them.

Like: If you like a post, click the like button at the bottom of the article. If you really like it, be a Participant and/or Share – see above.

Follow: If you like our blog, please consider clicking the Follow On Scripture button below. But no matter what, follow Yeshua!

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