The Hidden Name of God – Introduction

PLEASE NOTE: This is not part of The Hidden Name of God Bible Study. The Bible study version is in smaller, more easily digested portions and contains updated information. You can find those posts by clicking the Bible Study tab on the Home page.

If I told you that God’s name appears more than any other name in the entire Bible, would you believe me? If I said that it appears in the Hebrew Tanakh, the Old Testament, 6828 times, and if you include the poetic form, 6877 times, would that surprise you? If I asked, could you tell me His name? If it appears in the Bible that many times, surely it must be very recognizable, right? In fact, it would have to appear multiple times on almost every page, wouldn’t it? When I assure you that it does, could you point it out to me?

I am not trying to trick you, but those questions are tricky, aren’t they? I can tell you that if you read any of the popular English translations, from the King James Version, to the New International Version, to the New Living Translation, to the Message Bible, and on and on, you will not see God’s name more than a handful of times, if at all.

I think I hear a cry of “Fake News!”

If you are curious to find out the answer to the questions I have posed and even if you know the answers, I hope you will join me on a journey of discovering the hidden name of our Father in Heaven. Hallowed be His name!

If I have piqued your interest and you are ready to discover the answers to these questions and more, let’s get started!

Feature Image background by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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