Get FAT and Detox

I got a new bathroom scale the other day. It can track of the weight gains and losses of two people. Very helpful for me and my husband. When you lose weight, it shows a down arrow and the amount lost from the last weigh-in. Woo Hoo! If you gained, it displays an up arrow and the amount gained. Let’s not go there. That little up and down thingy creates motivation because once I see that number go down, I do not want to see it go back up. It makes me think twice about eating that cookie.

I thought of this feedback feature of my new scale as a parable – having a friend or mentor to help you in your walk as a disciple. Their encouragement or admonition are the little UP and DOWN symbols on your spiritual growth scale. They can help guide you back in the right direction when you stumble and rejoice with you in your growth and victories. And you can do the same for them.

It reminded me of a post a did several months ago – Is Your Bible Making You FAT

Spoiler alert: it should.

F - Faithful
   A - Available
     T - Teachable

Get FAT and Detox Together

Get a partner and share what you read in the Bible with each other. Study it together. Attend a church and/or Bible study together. Become FAT together.

As we are reading the Bible this year and getting FAT together, we can also detox as we let go of bad habits, wrong thinking, unbelief and doubt. As we let what we are studying and learning change us, we will be detoxing.

If you have not read the previous post, click here.

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Feature image created via CanvaPro, scale photo by RapidEye, sticky note photo by kstudio

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